Will medical marijuana allow me to fly?

Are you traveling for the holidays? visiting relatives and friends? It can be alluring to carry some marijuana with you, whether it’s for recreational or medical use. Since 29 states and Washington, D.C. have already legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, many vacationers will be moving between these states. Florida now allows the use of medical marijuana, but not for recreational purposes.

Remember that only state law makes it lawful, and that each state has its own requirements for eligibility. However, crossing state boundaries triggers federal law, which still considers marijuana to be an illicit narcotic. However, there are laws in place that, in certain cases, make it simpler to travel with marijuana goods.

Journeying Abroad
Let’s start with the most straightforward response: Bringing marijuana on an international aircraft is a terrible idea. Anyone found in possession of marijuana (in whatever amount) can be stopped and charged with a federal misdemeanor by U.S. authorities.

federal law, TSA
The TSA announced on its website in April that medicinal marijuana was now lawfully permitted in both checked and carry-on luggage. This declaration was made for about 24 hours before it was changed to read that local laws do not apply to TSA screening. Federal legislation continues to prohibit the use of marijuana, both medically and recreationally. But it was also noted in the announcement that the TSA does not look for marijuana.

In the end, procedures differ between airports. Some may examine a ticket to ensure that the traveler is compliant on both ends, while others would instruct the traveler to discard it. If one is unsure about their policies, it is a good idea to phone the airport in advance. For instance, Orlando Airport’s board of directors decided in June to outlaw medicinal marijuana on airport grounds and confiscate any found.

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