What are F1 seeds

Many of those who have seriously considered buying cannabis seeds and get medical card rhode island https://dr-weedy.com/rhode-island/ have likely wondered how to buy a truly quality product. This is a really important question, because the quality of the seed or the quality of the cannabis seed treatment largely determines the quantity and quality of the future crop.

Often seed stores offer observers to buy cannabis F1 seeds. What are these seeds and what are their special features?

F1 are first generation hybrid crops. Typically, such cannabis is more yielding and has more persistence than parent varieties. Also, the crop adopts most of the characteristics of the parents, which are not retained in the next generations.

Often, seed stores can slip inexperienced growers F2 seeds instead of the original F1. How to avoid this and how do you know you have not been duped? It is almost impossible to visually detect the type of seed. So it’s worth ordering a small batch of cannabis seeds first, grow them and harvest them to make sure they are authentic. When you are able to trust the store, you can buy seeds in bigger batches.

What do you need to know to determine if you really have first-generation hybrids seeds? Unlike second generation hybrids, F1 seeds provide:

Stable yields. Product yields will also be many times higher than F2 productivity;
Intensive development;
Immunity to marijuana diseases;
Good resistance to adverse environmental factors;
Simultaneous transition to flowering and maturation of plants (under the same breeding conditions);
No, or negligible number of marijuana hermaphrodites;
Good aroma and taste.
Many seed stores and producers do not give buyers full information about the seeds, in particular that all subsequent generations of hybrid F1 crops do not give the same yield. The F2 generations have a decrease in productivity, so it makes little or no sense to use the second generation of hybrids. F2 hybrids are weak, sluggish, and diseased.

Therefore, to get a high quality crop, gardeners are forced to buy new seeds every time. Also, it is worth noting that not all F1 hybrids have hybrid power, but only crops obtained from parents, after carefully conducted breeding.

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