Cannabis sprout mistakes growers make

So the question of which cannabis seeds to buy is settled. It doesn’t matter if you choose a tiny car or a photoperiodic “tower”, the main thing is that the seeds from a proven seedbank and store are healthy and have even sprouted.

Now they need to be properly planted. And here 2 options for the development of events appear:

Plant in a small pot (or plastic cup).
Plant in a large pot.
Based on the experience of experienced growers, we can say that both are viable and it would not be a mistake to choose the first or the second. The difference is noticeable only in the early stages of plant life. In a small pot, the substrate dries faster, the roots get more oxygen, the risk of overflow is less, and the plant grows faster. However, those who choose a large pot just need to be a little more attentive and patient, because at first the bush will grow a little slower. But then the growth rate will be equal.

The most common mistakes growers make

# 1. In general, the very first mistake a grower makes is the wrong soil for growing hemp. Just digging up on the nearest wasteland of earth and sticking shoots into it is a huge nonsense. The soil can be very poor in nutrients. It may also have too high or low acidity. The soil from the garden is often too dense, the hemp loves loose. Another “joint” with such soil is bacteria, fungi, larvae of insect pests and other nasty things. Therefore, attention! Let the special soil bought in the store be more expensive than the one in the garden, but it guarantees an excellent result. It also saves the time greedy growers spend pulling bushes out of sores, fungi, etc.

No. 2. Incorrect seedling transplant time. Optimally – as soon as the leaves began to go beyond the edges of a 0.5 liter glass. This is the best time for transplanting into a large pot. If the grower has slowed down and the seedling has outgrown the pot, the roots will have nowhere to develop. The root system lacks space, the bushes show various signs of disease: hemp leaves wither and turn yellow, etc. When you release such an overgrowth from the container, you will see that the roots have intertwined into a ball very similar in shape to the pot in which they grew.

That is why novice gardeners are advised to immediately use large pots. This will help you avoid mistakes until you gain experience. But at the same time there is a risk of overdoing it with watering.

No. 3. In large containers, watering is required in moderation, without fanaticism. There is no need to strive to wet the soil through and through, as this can lead to flooding of the horses.

So, the leaves are already outside the pot and it’s time to transplant the bushes into a larger pot: 4, 8 or 12 liters in volume. If you used a paper 0.5 l glass, then just cut it. In a large container, make a depression and place the bush there along with the soil on the roots.

No. 4. Attention, a lot of mistakes!

No need to shake off the soil from the hemp roots! This will expose the plant to even more stress and damage the roots.
Remember to water the plants 1-2 days before transplanting. Moisture will make the soil heavier and help the roots to hold it, which will also simplify the task of pulling / shaking the bush out of the old pot (glass).
Do not neglect the condition of the plants after transplanting. If the cannabis is suffering from extreme shock, looks lethargic and develops slowly, it is necessary to feed it with seaweed extract. It is sold in horticultural stores.
No. 5. Pay no attention to explosive growth. There are cannabis varieties that, even at the vega stage, grow almost twice their initial size. If you see that an 8 liter pot already barely holds a bush, then you should think about transplanting into a larger container. During the flowering stage, cannabis will increase dramatically in size, which means that the roots will become 100% cramped.

In general, there is a rule / principle – the ground part of the bush is the same size as the roots. Based on this, we can say that for a plant 60 cm in height, 15-20 liters is enough, 90 cm – 20-30 liters, 120 cm – 30-40 liters, 150 cm – 50 liters +.

For outdoor growers:
No. 6. Planting too early in the spring is a mistake. It is better to hold the sprouts of the house under the lamp for 2-3 weeks (from the helmet), and plant them in the garden (for the middle lane) in mid-June. That is, it is better to start germinating seeds at the end of May.

No. 7. For hardening, immediately and for a long time, take out the plants under the scorching sun. Better to do it gradually. Planting seeds / seedlings in the ground in mid-July will also be a mistake.

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